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We are a group of experienced R&D. We have joint experience of over 37 years. Some our products include.

Access control systems

Parking Management systems & Vehicle Barriers, Personell Clock in and clock out, Visitor Management Systems

Cash Handling Systems

Automatic Pay Kiosks, Prepaid systems, billing and settlement systems

Payment Gateways

Local and toll-free international access in over 70 countries. incididunt ut labore et dolore.

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Software House

Our process flow starts at the idea and ends up at the mechanisations. Offering softwres and automations as service to our clients


Silent visitor management and tracking system.

  • Self sign in of visitors as you focus on warm personal greeting.
  • Notify both guest and host of appointments before, on arrival and at point of exit.
  • Security the visitor identifies themselves at the security desk using the standard passport or national ID.
  • Evacuations during an emergency, get a quick access all person checked in within a premises by logging into the cloud version of Jarida.

The smart way to receive, announce the arrival and treat your visitors to a personalized, secure and non intrusive experience


The Xarida Meal Management System is a meal billing and booking system that manages staff meal accounts for purchases of meals within the organization and manages booking of meals for guests

  • Point of sale system - that manages staff meal accounts for the purchase of meals
  • Bookings - enables staff to books meals for their guests
  • Payment Options - credit cards, payment using their credit cards. Full payroll, employer pays full fee for the staff meals. Float Accountoption of topping up their account and every time the staff does a transaction, the fee is deducted from their account.

Access Resource Kit (ARK) Parking System

Our parking services in particular now support over 50,000 vehicle transactions daily. Nevertheless, the key to effective parking solutions is management expertise.

  • Barrier Gates - designed to offer maximum reliability, efficient operation and easy maintenance. The electronic parts are modular so that all components are readily changeable in the field, ensuring quick and easy on-site maintenance and minimum down time.
  • Autopay Station - Autopay is an Automated Cashier System for parking applications. It is designed to offer maximum reliability,efficient operation and easy maintenance.
  • Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)-Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a proven mechanism that automatically reads number plate numbers on stationary or moving vehicles. Using advanced camera, recognition, and database technology, our ANPR systems automatically capture images of vehicle and license plate numbers and instantly check those numbers against a variety of vehicle “hot lists” or “black list” held in target vehicle databases, held in a local database or a remote database.
  • E - Wallet - The “A-Card” is designed on a contactless transaction platform that enables you to pay for the services using the value stored in the card. After getting the card, you’re only required to top up with a minimum initial value of KES 500.00 which is redeemable as payment for the services offered to you.

With basic equipment, parking management can be enhanced reducing operating costs drastically. Our clients have realized improved parking orderliness and reduced costs of parking area management. Indeed most of our clients have turned the parking service from a drain of resources into a revenue centre.

Parkwyse Safari

Working with seasoned industry professionals KAPS Lab has developed an industry leading Electronic Ticketing System (e-ticket) that allows events, movies, park entry and any tickets to be booked, paid and delivered online.

  • Simple to use - Events are created and managed from an administrative portal, where all parameters are set. The online ticket booking portal allows customers to book and pay for their ticket using debit or credit cards as well as from a prepaid account.
  • Online ticket sales- More and more people arechoosing to purchase their tickets via the internet. Our comprehensive e-ticketing solution can ensure your tickets are available when and where your customers want them.
  • Online real-time reports - with e-ticketing you can receive up to the second information manage your tickets from any where you have access to the Internet.
  • Reservations - For those organizations that allow customers to reserve tickets and pay at the door, our electronic ticketing system can accommodate you. Simply reserve the customer’s tickets and retrieve the order and apply payment at a later date to complete the sale
  • Market Information - Our system collects and stores your customerinformation and transaction data which is essential for your marketing efforts. Generate reports showing sales, number of people booking an event, venue occupancy.

Our ticketing system supports E-Tickets in which the customer prints their own own tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days which can be validated on the park entry point, without need for your customers to go to your office.

Automatic Cash Collection Kit(ACacKi)

The world has now moved to self service. ACaCki allows customers to pay bills automatically via a Kiosk/Movile phone using a variety of payment channels, from cash to debit or credit accounts. This collection may then reflect immediately in a designated bank account.

  • Self Payments - of bills by the client at any point within designated areas. This reduces flow of traffic in the merchant premises.
  • Cash Handling - reduce the amount of time at close of shift and reconcillation by allowing automatic validation of legal tender at the point of payment.
  • Forex - give your customers an option to pay bills in as many currrency options as would be accepted in the current government.
  • Bank Transfer - allow possible intergration of merchant to bank account allowing immediate reflection of drop cash into merchant account.
  • Safety - all bill payments are dropped directly into a safe box/safe room. ACaCki comes with silent alarm systems informing opening of safe rooms and boxes wirelessly to the security command room.

Tolling Systems

Designing , Intergration and Installation of toll station pay points

  • Classifer which will be used to classify the various vehicles coming by the poll station.
  • Cahier Station - cashier application that is designed for use with various ticketing technologies including magnetic stripe, bar code and smart cards.
  • Barriers - designed to offer maximum reliability, efficient operation and easy maintenance. A range of ancillary devices including lane counters, warning lights, sirens, jackknife assembly, on-line com-munications and traffic lights (go/stop) can be fitted to the barrier gates as optional extras.
  • PLC - represents the latest development within GSM/GPRS technology and holds all the necessary approvals (R&TTE and GCF). The EM 210 / KP-1400 is ideal for data logging and alarm systems.

Track & Trace

RFID, Smart and deterrent vehicle use tracking systems.Governments have mandate to protect citizen’s privacy while maintaining an easy and auditable movement in public areas.

  • Tracking Service - Installation of infrastructure to be able to capture image, tag number and plate number.
  • Self registration - a portal is made available to the vehicle owner to register their vehicle using the legal documents such as purchase document or logbook.
  • Reference - the vehicle owner will use this tag, In other reference documents during their tenure. The reference areas shall include: Insurance, Loan facilitations, Civil and Criminal reports, Mechanical and Color changes/request for change.
  • On Demand Check authority can easily flag down an untagged vehicle or any vehicle whose tag does not match other details.
  • Periodic check the system can be set up to have periodic check to enable enforcement to: Follow up on on-going investigations, Determine outflows and inflows of vehicles, Environment checks (pollutions and emissions).

Queue Management System

Queue Management System reduces real & apparent waiting time, speeds up service delivery, improves service quality & increases customer satisfaction. For customers, Queue Management System offers freedom to move about in lobby, read advertising brochures or simply take a seat, while waiting for their turn to be served.

  • Supports up to three types and 16 serving counters. Can be configured according to the company requirements. Systemizes the daily work.
  • “Daily Efficiency Reports” give the number of customers served by each counter and also the inventory of the customer arrival time and wait time to receive service.
  • Token ticket branch name, date and time of issue.
  • Bright 7 segment units to displays client number and the serving Counter.
  • Customer waiting indication on each counter.

The Queue Management System can be run as stand alone or in LAN AND WAN environments. It includes a database and can accommodate third party integration with other software applications and/or external database. All events are stored for later report retrieval or data evaluation.

Data Analytics

Our BI tool makes it easier for you to reveal business insights, simplifying every step of the analytics process, from data preparation to analytics and collaboration.

  • Individual analytics - with our BI tool, you have the power to harness your data, elevate your insights and discover new exciting opportunities. Our tool lets you experience the power of data through your analytical journey. You will be able to stay in the flow of analysis, from prep, analytics and finally collaboration.
  • BI for Teams and Organizations - with our BI tool, your teams will be able to work smarter and faster; this is because they will have the advantage of a seamless end-to-end analytics experience. When it comes to preparing for analysis, our tool will let you build data sources and dashboards; publish and share your content, and collaborate. You will have the power to do all this with the governance and security you require.
  • Embedded analytics - You will be fast when it comes to creating and marketing your product. Your customers will get access to powerful industry-leading analytics capabilities that will drive your product engagement, and ultimately, customer satisfaction

Our software gives you the peace of mind to stay focused on your area of expertise while letting our BI tool take care of the analytics.

Payment Gateways

An ecommerce service that processes credit card payments. We facilitate these transactions by transferring key information between payment portals such as web-enabled mobile devices/websites and the front end processor/bank.

Payment Gateways fulfill a vital role in the ecommerce transaction process, authorizing the payment between merchant and customer.

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